Why Your Small Business is Not About You


Donkey PhotosAs a branding and marketing expert I've had the opportunity to work with large corporations, small businesses, as well as start-ups, and there's one thing owners, C-suites and directors all have in common. They forget something very, very important to their success. They become a tad bit narcisstic. Or as some would say "start to believe their own press clippings"!


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Number One Mistake Small Businesses Make


Marketing BudgetWhen meeting with small business owners to assist with their branding or marketing I regularly ask, "do you have a budget". Repeatedly I'm told "No, we do not have a budget"! 

At first, I thought these were isolated incidents, but have come to the conclusion that this is all too common. And, the size of the business doesn't change the "no" answer I often get. 

As you would expect, small businesses that are just starting out and have no annual sales to speak of often do not have a marketing budget, although they should. But what truly surprises me is that companies of all sizes who have been in business for one to five years also have this same issue. I recently asked a fairly new company of less than 2 years with a $5 MM annual revenue the same question, and got the same answer…no.

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