Top 5 Things You Do That Make You Look Like An Amateur


Pro v Amateur

As a small business owner, we often make mistakes that are a dead give-away that we are novices playing in the big-boy world. This isn’t a women or man thing, the list of the Top Five Things is true regardless of gender. You know why? Because “not knowing”, better known as “ignorance” blinds us to the truth, and gives small business owners a bad name! So, read this list of five items, and do a personal review of your marketing, print materials, website, social media platforms, etc. How many of these mistakes have you made?


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Ready or Not…Here I Come!


I heard myself say this a minute ago (in my head), "I'm not ready"! This was regarding eWomen radio, and whether I should apply to have my own show. It got me thinking…exactly why do I think I'm not ready. Here's the dialogue that followed.


That's a bunch of crap. I've been speaking before large conferences, small conferences, workshops, CEC classes, etc., since I was 29. (Some of you have heard me refer to that part of my professional life…I spent 18 years in the fitness industry.) 

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