When No Means Yes


Oh No GraphicThe toughest thing about being a creative is the high expectations. This includes the client expectations (even though they have no ideas or vision), as well as my own expectations on what is being created. In my world, concepting for branding, as well as the creation of the visuals to the copy writing, can evoke gigantic feelings of "lacking".  

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Out with a roar in with a rush! (Part II)

ICON 15 3-D Photo
This post is Part II. Read Part I.
With Infusionsoft headquartered here in Chandler, Arizona, I am familar with their big conference, ICON. I have never had the opportunity to attend, but this year was offered a complimentary pass by a friend, April Goudy, who works for Infusionsoft. I didn't give the event much more thought until the day it arrived on my calendar the day after the PBJ Mentoring Monday event. 

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