Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports, Arts & Business

Baseball Field
Image by Blake W. B. via Creative Commons

Leveling the Playing Field

Over the last several years we’ve been inundated with stories of alleged use of Performance-Enhancing-Drugs (PEDs), from steroids to Human Growth Hormones and others. The most recent names linked to steroid use and actual legal action include Rogers Clemens and Barry Bonds, but let’s not forget about Lance Armstrong’s truly amazing come-back from cancer to capture yet another Tour de France. What about Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa?

Baseball’s not the only sport supposedly tainted by PEDs, how about track and field’s line-up of athletes who’ve been stripped of Olympic medals, suspended or banned from competing; Marion Jones, LaShawn Merritt or Ben Johnson. Football, baseball, track, cycling and even the false positive test of WNBA’s Diana Taurasi of the Phoenix Mercury who was playing for a Turkish team at the time. Women are not immune from these accusations considering rumors regarding the East German women’s Olympic swimming team dominance during several decades from the 60’s to the early 80’s.

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A Tribute to My Father on Father’s Day!


Dad Military PhotoEver since I was little I’ve always had this personal rule…

“Always Finish What You Started Before Starting Something New”.

I know exactly where this comes from, and I’m not sure whether to thank my Father on this Father’s Day or curse him for what at the time seemed like another pointless life lesson. It’s only today that I realize many of these life lessons had application in the business world.  Even today, almost 11 years after his passing I still abide by most of these life lessons or at least feel guilty if I willingly don’t.

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