Karen Loomis, Queen of MemorableKaren Loomis
Oracle & Founder of No Moss Brands

has more than 10 years experience on the client side taking a $500 million multi-location, national retail company to $1.5 billion and an additional 2 years on the agency side honing her brand development and creative execution skills.

Since 2012 No Moss Brands has been serving large and small businesses on the branding, marketing and social media sides. She's worked with law schools, consumer electronics, technology, business analytics, multi-level marketers, politicians, and more. Karen is the self-appointed Queen of Memorable with her focus on creating memorable brands.

Karen strongly feels customer-centric branding isn't just a fad, but a necessity in today's extremely competitive marketplace. She uses her natural curiosity and a highly refined ability to get in the minds of her customers to develop branding, creative and social media rategies that emotionally connect and engage.

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