The Pope’s Brand Quandary


Catholic Church Image

Today Pope Francis visited the United States starting off with a visit to the White House. Even if you do not follow a particular religion or are not Catholic, you must recognize this is a big event, as it’s been seven years since a Pope has come to our country.

This blog post is not a conversation about religion, and/or whether you should or should not practice a faith to be a good person. Instead this is a blog post about the brand of the Catholic church and the leader of the brand, Pope Francis…a brand quandary!


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When No Means Yes


Oh No GraphicThe toughest thing about being a creative is the high expectations. This includes the client expectations (even though they have no ideas or vision), as well as my own expectations on what is being created. In my world, concepting for branding, as well as the creation of the visuals to the copy writing, can evoke gigantic feelings of "lacking".  

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