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No Moss Brands Mean Shorty FaceMy apologies to those of you on mobile platforms, because when you click on the blog of choice below you will not see the Digg Digg Sharing Buttons. Evidently they do not have a mobile version. That explains why when I’m on my iPad and iPhone I can’t see those buttons on your blogs. I’m always bothered when I can’t share a blog post when on my iPad or iPhone, so I know the feeling. I want to give the “Mean Shorty” look every time that happens to me.

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Again, please accept my apologies, as I look for another option!

What Ozzie Guillen can teach you about Branding!


No Moss Brands Danger PhotoThe Power of One…just one comment, can cause such harm to a brand. Whether that brand is one’s personal brand, an organization’s brand, a city’s brand The Power of One in a community can have such a huge impact with their words…positive or negative.

Currently under fire is the Florida Marlin’s manager, Ozzie Guillen, for his comment regarding Fidel Castro. Ozzie with 27  years in the MLB both as a player, and now as a manager has developed a personal brand of being a hot head with no filter. Race, sexual orientation or dissing a White House invite after the White Sox World Series win, Ozzie plays no favorites. And now he’s offended the Miami Cuban-American community with his proclamation of “I love and respect Fidel Castro”. Sure he included another statement that clarified his meaning, but the harm was already done.

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