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We remember our lives through stories!

Almost all of us have gown up with stories as part of our lives through books read to us, books we’ve read, academics, as well as movies, plays, entertainment and even religion. Stories give us the opportunity to learn, feel, empathize or live through the lives of others. Our own stories of our lives do the same thing.

We remember our lives through stories; first day of school, high school graduation, getting married or divorced, birth of your first child and on. Those stories are not just what we remember, but can include all five senses. Sometimes entering a building and an odor can take you all the way back to a time where you associate that smell. Your whole body feels it…some say, maybe it’s de ja vu, but it’s possible your brain is remembering a piece of your life story. The same can be said for what you feel, like the warm summer sun on your face with a slight breeze.

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Rebranding: Ugly Duckling to Swan

The Ugly Duckling Story

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Everyone has probably read the childhood book, The Ugly Duckling, and remembers the transformation of the maligned duckling into a beautiful swan.


This post is a true story about the transformation of a company through a name change and rebranding over the 10 year period I served as the Creative Director.


Ugly Duckling Company History

The company, Ugly Duckling Car Sales, first got it’s name early on as a rental car company in the Tucson and Phoenix areas. The name was originally Ugly Duckling Rental Cars and reflected a second rate level of affordable rental cars, as well as the original owner’s last name, Duck. Over time and several owners, the company’s present owner’s shifted its focus to selling used cars to the subprime customer, and eventually went public trading on NASDAQ under UGLY in 1996.

By the time I arrived five years later in 2001 Ugly Duckling Car Sales had been built into a powerful brand generating an estimated $540 million in sales revenue with 80 plus dealerships across the country. While I say powerful brand you need to understand the difference between a negative vs positive brand. Ugly Duckling had a huge presence in many markets, and was definitely well known, but not in a positive way. Read more