Inside the head of a Creative!


No Moss Brands Creativity PhotoEnter at your own risk. Only read this post if you want to be confused even more by what goes on inside the head of a creative or innovator.

This is about all creative professions: fine artists, commercial artists, innovators, paid or unpaid. Doesn’t matter the generation or era; what goes on in the head of a creative is perplexing even to us.

Most creatives don’t even know what makes them tick (or create). Many are compelled by reasons unknown. Some are driven to create at the exclusion of everything else. Creative people are just wired differently. Or as I’ve heard plenty enough “weird”!

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Madonna, Michael Jackson & Lady Gaga: Talent or Branding?

Image by Alessio85 via Creative Commons

Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson all understood the importance of branding to the success of their product.

They know talent isn’t enough. Madonna’s self-titled debut album was released in 1983. Do you remember it? You might better recognize the top songs, Holiday, Lucky Star, Everybody and Burning up, which set the standard for dance-pop and launching Madonna as a ‘disco diva’. Michael Jackson we all knew as the cute little kid of the Jackson 5, but like Madonna the mid-80s is where his brand really began to develop. Both artists took advantage of the emerging MTV channel to really develop their brand. Jackson might even be considered a critical component of the fame of MTV with his Thriller, Billie Jean and Beat It videos which transformed music videos to an art form. Lady Gaga who had the path paved for her by Madonna and Jackson is clearly influenced by their talents, but brings her own sense of individualism to her shows.

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