Inside the head of a Creative!


No Moss Brands Creativity PhotoEnter at your own risk. Only read this post if you want to be confused even more by what goes on inside the head of a creative or innovator.

This is about all creative professions: fine artists, commercial artists, innovators, paid or unpaid. Doesn’t matter the generation or era; what goes on in the head of a creative is perplexing even to us.

Most creatives don’t even know what makes them tick (or create). Many are compelled by reasons unknown. Some are driven to create at the exclusion of everything else. Creative people are just wired differently. Or as I’ve heard plenty enough “weird”!

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Branding, Bacon & Your Business!

Branding Blog - Cooked Bacon Photo
Image by rick via Creative Commons

 I must confess. Bacon truly is my first love.

I love bacon so much that my boyfriend gave me the gift of Zingerman’s monthly bacon club for Christmas. I’ve been enjoying a new package of bacon delivered to my doorstep every month since, and I’m rather sad to say I only have one month left.

Each month the bacon arrives along with an explanation of the type of bacon I’ve received, the curing process and the story behind it. I thought that was kind of ridiculous, a story about bacon…seriously??? I mean, who cares about the story.

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