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Marketing that Moves

No Moss Brands has a wide variety of client-types from business-to-consumer (b2c) to business-to-business (b2b). Karen Loomis loves being able to speak direct to the individual doing the buying. Developing marketing strategies for consumer products or services in highly-competitive markets has been our sweet spot.

Until 2021…our standards CHANGED. Our client shift now requires your business to be on the right side of racism, or taking the steps to become a more diverse and inclusive company. We can help you get there, but you have to be READY TO CHANGE!


  • 3-Month, 6-Month or 12-Month Strategies
  • Project or Retainer Fee Structure
  • All Platforms or By Platform
  • Digital and/or Traditional Mediums
  • Execution Optional

No bait and switch here, but you can see how many variables play into YOUR small businesses’ specific needs relative to budget, business maturity and goals/initiatives.

Let’s talk through this on the phone
(602) 549-9508 versus us giving you a price that’s not at all accurate! 

Strategic Marketing

No Moss Brands lives to be your in-house marketing agency driving your entire company’s digital strategy complemented with the right touch of traditional offline tactics. 
Known for well-thought out plans, and high-end execution “return-on-investment” is our middle name.
Here’s where Karen’s scientific side comes in handy. We are huge proponents of testing, collecting and analyzing data as a means to ensure our marketing or advertising campaigns are hitting the mark!
Most marketing agencies quit here. Give you the strategy and run off. Leaving you wondering why the campaign or strategy didn’t work. Not us…the art aspect is where we shine. Our favorite part of your strategy…executing and perfecting  the messaging.
It’s worth the investment (said every client ever). Pretty sure we said it before, marketing IS both a science and art!

Creative Execution

Now we’re talking! Karen’s heart and soul…the creative side.
As a result, executing at a billion dollar corporate level on your small business is just a small benefit of working with us. No way in hell do we disappoint on this side of the spectrum. 
Whether you’re ready to have your entire marketing strategy AND creative executed by us on a retainer level, we are also available on a project-by-project basis, for the right client. Our non-profit clients enjoy significant rate cuts, no matter what we execute.
Let’s CHANGE together!
It truly pains Karen to see smart marketing strategies executed with inferior messaging and/or graphics. It IS the stuff nightmares are made of for this brander and graphic designer. 


  • Branding Services (Logo, Tagline)
  • Website Design & Development (WordPress)
  • Website Management & Updates
  • Social Media Set-Up &/or Management
  • Advertising Material (Social Media, Google Ads)
  • Marketing Collateral (Brochures/eBooks)
  • Event Design & Set-Up (Social Media/EventBrite)
  • Email Templates or Nurture (Drip) Campaigns

Many of the creative services elements mentioned above are quality examples of “project” fee structures, as they have a definitive start and stop, and/or specific elements. This is a terrific way to utilize No Moss Brands services to position your brand as ready to be taken to the next level with your company’s business goals. (More affordable) 

Karen Loomis' second foray as a small business owner.

No Moss Brands

Karen Loomis’ second foray as a small business owner.

Work with Us

Do you have business initiatives requiring a SHIFT from the marketing you are doing today in order to successfully meet such goals? We are primed and ready to help maneuver you to the next stage in your marketing. 
Let’s start a conversation via Zoom
(modern day relationship building).
We need to feel each other out to see if there is a fit. Not every one is right for our kind of marketing. We want to help you move towards your brand growth towards a more ethical, diverse and inclusive experience for not only your customers, but your employees as well.
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Our Clients

Literally, name dropping, so if that kind of thing impresses you, here you go…enjoy the trip! These are specifically marketing services clients of No Moss Brands.

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