Who are you?

Branding sets the foundation for your company’s story; tone, feel and personality. Branding is what your company stands for and guides your future, direction and actions. It’s your strategy and position in the marketplace. It’s externally communicated via advertising, marketing and social media. Internally, branding sets the culture for your entire organization and is further communicated to customers via customer service, sales and employees.

The following branding services are offered through No Moss Brands.

Companies of all sizes and scope may need naming or renaming at various stages during your business progression or cycle.

  • Small to Medium sized businesses  – original name no longer fits the scope of your company’s offerings
  • Start-Ups  – desire a more competitive name to give your company an edge in the market place
  • Existing Corporations  – naming or rebranding after acquisitions or the addition of new products/services
A Brand Strategy is the systemic plan designed to guide companies in meeting specific business goals or objectives. This is the key ingredient to the success of all No Moss Brands, as it dictates all aspects of the following.

  • Brand Tone  – the key ingredient in the success of all No Moss Brands, defines the emotions of your story
  • Brand Brief  – summary of competitive analysis, customer research and market positioning
  • Brand Usage Guidelines  – very specific plan on how to use the Brand Strategy to meet business goals
Brand Identity  is the outward expression of your name, logo, communications or visual appearance, as dictated by the Brand Strategy.

  • Logo – the visual representation of your name differentiating you from everyone else in the market place
  • Tagline/Slogan – short word catchy phrase that reminds customers of your story
  • System  – all printed materials, such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.