What’s your story?

Creative Services

The Creative phase provides the visual representation of your brand’s story. It’s the second most important part of Branding that Moves.  The creative interpretation of your Brand Story is externally communicated via advertising, marketing and social media.

The following creative services are offered through No Moss Brands.

Creative Briefs are directives incorporating the Brand Strategy for all future creative development. No Moss Brands incorporates the following elements in all Creative Briefs.

  • Context  – key for Branding that Moves to emotionally connect with customers
  • Relevant Features or Services  – positioning by benefits realizing buying is a right-brain decision
  • Business Goals or Objectives  – desired outcome of Creative Concepts & Execution
  • Budget – determines creative execution and/or limitations

Creative Concepts are the actual stories designed to emotionally connect with customers to elicit specific actions. The stories give your company a personality and authenticity. No Moss Brands concepts are designed to take advantage of the medium they are to be executed in, and may include one or more of the following.

  • TV or Video Storyboards & Scripts
  • Radio Scripts
  • Web Wireframes & Design Options
  • Social Media Design Elements
  • Brand Identity Elements

Creative Execution is where your story comes to life. Creative concepts are executed or produced according to the results of Brand Strategy.

  • Print  – Out of Home, Collateral or Sales/Marketing Materials, Newspaper & Magazine Advertising
  • Broadcast  – TV, Radio
  • Videos  – Customer or Employee
  • Digital  – Web Design, Web Banners
  • Social Media  – Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc