Who do your customers think you are?

Social Media Shadows

Social Media is where you find out if your Brand is really what you think it is. By engaging in two-way conversations with your customers through Social Media, you can find out if your strategy and position in the marketplace is truly what you believe. Engaging with your customers in Social Media communities also generates trust. Customers buy from brands they trust. Social Media is the 21st Century way to extend your marketing efforts more efficiently.

The following Social Media services are offered through No Moss Brands.

The Social Media Strategy is the systemic plan that guides companies on how to use and which Social Media platforms will best meet your specific business goals or objectives. This strategy is meant to work along side, not independently of other marketing campaigns or elements.

  • Business Objectives & Goals
  • Budget
  • Policies
  • Overall Framework
  • Metrics
  • Campaigns

Social Media Execution takes the strategy guidelines, and begins small roll-out, testing and learning along the way.

  • Employee Resources – prioritized by department needs, customer exposure, responsibilities
  • External Resources  – No Moss Brands, brand ambassadors, community influencers and advocates
  • Road Map – always knowing where the company is at along the path
  • Education – continual education of employees on goals and processes
  • Processes

Social Media Management is often done more efficiently externally (outsources) due to the time requirements to execute and meet the Social Media Strategy.

  • Content Writing  – drafting blog posts relative to your business model and your customers concerns
  • Content Schedule  – publishing of blog posts maintains a constant presence in the social communities
  • Content Uploads  – tweaking and constant adjustments to maximize potential
  • Education Resources  – guiding and supervising employee efforts expands your reach
  • Measurement & Reporting