Video of Karen Loomis, No Moss Brands.I started off the week with incredible anticipation, and it didn't disappoint. I was headed to the Phoenix Business Journal Mentoring Monday event that morning. I layed in bed watching the world wake up. From the sun slowing rising to the sound of the birds chirping away, and finally to the seven cats a stirring (no that's not a typo).


Since 2011, I've loved waking up without an alarm clock which means in the summer I'm up and at 'em around 5am. I can already feel it coming in my energy level, and this morning was no different. I am one with the sun, and that is exactly why I moved to Phoenix some almost 15 years ago. But, this Monday AM was a tad bit different in the fact that since I had gone to this exact event a year ago and since then my small business and I have changed significantly. I owe everything "super cool" that has happened to this event. It served to connect me with the right people and helped me slowly grow my network, not only professionally but personally. It's not an overstatement to say, I was excited to go back to the scene of a great start!!!

Even when I came to the realization that the event started at 7:30 AM, and not 9:00 AM, that I needed to jump up and get my day going. Sure, the ridiculous one lane eastbound on Lincoln towards the Montelucia was an unnecessary delay, but it was hard to get mad on a gorgeous spring Arizona AM on one of the most beautiful streets in Phoenix. Didn't seem to matter, because I still arrived with plenty of time to spare.

I did the usual networking that seems to have become so much easier compared to last year's event. Last year I knew a few of the ladies who were there, but this year was riducolously different. It seemed like a normal day of sitting down and chatting with other professionals…that I already knew. And, it didn't even seem odd "sitting" to ask questions of the mentors who were present. I just went about my business, until the "universe" rewarded me for my work over the last year. 

Trish McCarty, Sunshine Academy, PhotoTrish McCarty, CEO & Co-Founder of StarShine Academy, who I had met at an eWomen event recently, pulls me out of my line with a "come here" finger wave. I kind of didn't want to lose my spot in line, because I was next, but boy was I glad I did. She made this happen…

My apologies for the bad video…Facebook and WordPress do not play well together. So, please just click on the weird link (click on Heidi Anderson) below to view the video.



Posted by Heidi Anderson on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


People, you can't pay for those types of opportunities, and I was honored to have been selected. I did about an 8 minute interview of which my entire dissertation about eWomen was cut out, but I'm happy with the final cut. 




And then there was ICON15…read the next post!