NMB_why_branding_blog_360x381To me this seems like such a ridiculous question, but clearly I’m biased since I am a branding expert. While this seems like a no brainer to me, it’s not quite as cut and dry as I think. I hear from small business owners all the time that they can’t afford to hire a professional. In my opinion, small business owners need a strong brand in which to compete in the market place. 

I truly believe that regardless of your business size branding should be top on your list to spend money on. Why? Because most small businesses do not have large marketing budgets they can’t win the “frequency” war of advertising. As a matter of fact, most small business owners do not spend a dime on advertising, and just as many do not spend near as much as they should on their marketing. So, if you’re not spending any dollars attracting your customer, exactly how do you think your customers will find you?

Sure, referrals and networking are the two areas most small businesses generate their client base. But just think how much more affective your networking and referrals would be if you had a brand that your prospects will remember in their time of need. I totally understand your thought process that you are so spectacular and your product or service is “the answer” that EVERYONE will remember you when they are truly ready to buy.
In my opinion, that’s leaving a lot on the table. I consider myself to be highly intelligent, but my achilles heel is my ability to remember names during my avid networking events. I wish I could say this was an affliction that only I struggle with, you and I both know better. I know I’m a very visual person, and need to see the individual’s name written down and I need a significant conversation w/ the individual to remember THEM. And, even if I remember them, I might not remember their business. Does this happen to you?Is your brand memorable, forgettable or regrettable?
Well, wouldn’t it be terrific if these individuals had a “strong” and “memorable” brand? I know that’d help me remember them, their business and perhaps their name. For example, I was at an event a month ago where I met this lady who had the most incredible and unique business ever, Imprinted Legacy. While the business name isn’t memorable on its own, and certainly by itself doesn’t tell you much about what she does, but when you add the tagline of her business it helps. The tagline while long, and could be more succinct is helpful, Passing Down Better Health is More Than Genetics. The rest of the copy from her postcard indicated she started Imprinted Legacy to help families improve their overall health and the health of their future generations. While I may not remember the name of the individual who owns this business, I definitely will remember the business because it’s unique.
So, is your business that unique? Are you as an individual so unique that people will remember you? This leads me to ask the next question…what if your brand was memorable and unique? Do you think that would help people you meet at networking events remember you? 
I know the answer to that question, and so do the likes of big brands like, Target, Coke, Nike, etc. It’s called…just do it! Regardless of the size of your business, you need a memorable brand. Branding is even more critical when you don’t own the category. Think about how many marketers, branders, business coaches, life coaches, etc are out there competing in the market place. Will you stand out? Will you be remembered? 
Why leave the health and success of your business to the chance that your prospect will remember you when then NEED you. Don’t let budget be the barrier to your success. With the many No Moss Brands Academy education programs, you have no excuse. The next Creating a Memorable Brands Workshop is right around the corner. Are you registered? Why not? It’s time to get remembered and grow your business. See you there!
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