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Advertising that Moves

No Moss Brands’ Karen Loomis started her career by interning and working for several Advertising Agencies…back in the world where all we had was traditional advertising. No social media. Limited digital control. 

Our small business advertising services include both traditional and digital, but as you’d imagine today’s small business relies much more heavily on social media advertising, search engine marketing (Google Adwords) and local guerrilla type efforts, such as direct mail. 

We have a leg-up on our competitors with agency and traditional media experience, our focused branding background and experience in highly-competitive consumer markets, like automotive sales.  


  • Social Media Ad Strategy & Development
  • Broadband – TV, Radio
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords)

Here’s where small business owners make a critical mistake. Picking an advertising tactic based on what a colleague, friend or entrepreneur said worked for them. Unless your businesses are apples to apples, there are a ton of variables to consider when advertising.

Let’s talk through this on the phone (602) 549-9508. We prefer to discuss business objectives and initiatives to help determine the best approach! 


When it’s time to get the word out about your small business, products or services, upping the ante with paid advertising. When you can’t wait for the slow growth of organic marketing, advertising is the way to go. 
Unfortunately most small businesses cannot afford traditional media, like TV, Radio or Outdoor Advertising, but social media is a perfect solution for business-to-consumer type products and services.
Advertising campaigns should be left to the experts.
Small business’ marketing maturity and advertising budget go hand-in-hand with success. Companies that have been in existence for some time are often better positioned for advertising. You’ll have a definite advantage if you have a high level of brand awareness when it’s time to advertise. In addition, a solid digital marketing foundation with the proper CRM and email funnels in place tend to generate results quicker.  Start-ups can make up that difference with a healthy budget, and a very well-defined target market and strong brand elements. 
I thought I could do it myself (says every client). You can, but just don’t expect the same “repeatable” results you’ll get with a service provider like No Moss Brands. 

Advertising Execution

We do love developing and executing creative advertising campaigns. 
No matter which advertising service you require at this stage in your business, you can be damn well certain your brand story will be elevated and part of every strategic conversation we present to the market place.
We believe in “bettering the ball” upon every touch.


  • Facebook Ads (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Video, TV & Radio Ad Storyboards & Scripts
  • Google Adwords (Set-up & Manage)

Many of the advertising options mentioned above are quality examples of “project” fee structures, as they have a definitive start and stop, and/or specific elements.

We highly recommend Google Adword Campaigns be longer term commitments. In some cases, a retainer fee structure would be more appropriate.

No Moss Brands Consulting Services

Karen Loomis, Oracle & Founder

No Moss Brands Consulting Services

Ad Examples

Today’s small business owner utilizes social media as an affordable way to get the word out. This is especially true if you are a small business owner who caters to the consumer. 
Let’s start a conversation via Zoom
(modern day relationship building).
We need to feel each other out to see if there is a fit. We always have our eye on the prize…a long-term relationship in where our early advertising clients see over-the-top success as a result of the partnership.
Schedule a Zoom Call

Advertising Clients

Literally, name dropping, so if that kind of thing impresses you, here you go…enjoy the trip! The following are advertising services clients of No Moss Brands.

No Moss Brands eCommerce Client Royal and Reese
No Moss Brands Non-Profit Client Emerson Theater Collaborative Logo
No Moss Brands Client Valley Car Group in Phoenix, AZ
No Moss Brands Client AlphaMortgage Logo
No Moss Brands Client Snow Family Dentistry
No Moss Brands Client Arizona Integrative Medical Center Logo
No Moss Brands Client Dallas Lease Returns Logo
No Moss Brands Client Revitalize Hydrate Logo

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