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Small Business Services

No matter how big or small your business is, shortcuts along the way in branding, advertising and/or marketing can delay your growth potential and profitability. No Moss Brands believes and employs ethical, diverse marketing. No short cuts. No outsourcing of design or technology. We keep our work right here in the U.S of A. Phoenix, Arizona to be exact!

We believe many startups or entrepreneurs fail, as a result of chasing the wrong element at the wrong time for the wrong cost in your business’ maturity. We provide clients well-thought out, budget-appropriate strategies. We plan for the big picture, while addressing the immediate. 

Let us guide you with our purpose-driven small business services with the broad categories listed below. There’s much we can do together, we excel in creating problem solving for small businesses in all stages.


+ Brand Strategy
+ Brand Execution
+ Brand Campaigns
+ Logo Design
+ Naming


+ Digital Marketing Strategy
+ Email Marketing Campaigns
+ Funnel & Drip Campaigns
+ Wordpress Website Development
+ Social Media Management


+ Social Media Ad Development
+  Social Media Campaigns
+  Google Adwords Campaigns
+  TV, Radio & Print
+ Outdoor


+ Brand Audit
+ Marketing Audit
+ Advertising Audit
+ Social Media Audit
+ Diversity Audit

This is one of the secondary logo options provided.

Logo & Tagline Created by No Moss Brands

This is one of the secondary logo options provided.

Brand Strategy & Execution

Executing your Brand Story is one of Karen Loomis’ favorite playgrounds. After entering the field as a graphic designer rising to art director at an advertising agency, and rounded out with a ten year career in-house as a Creative Director, THIS is a happy place for us!
Creating, fixing, changing or enhancing your brand is our greatest pleasure.
Just as in medicine, Karen abides by the “do no harm” approach while knowing just the right dose of creativity or edginess to move your business expertly along the path to meet your initiatives. Change is what we do well!

Brand Identity

The outward expression of your name, logo, communications or visual appearance, as dictated by the Brand Strategy. Business owners often start here when forming a new company skipping the critical strategy phase. This may create issues down the road when your logo no longer truly represents your company and/or products and services.
These visual identifiers separate your business from others, but are not the true culture of your brand. Your customers and your employees also drive your brand, and your brand reputation. 
Retail Consumables Company

Logo Services Provided by No Moss Brands

Retail Consumables Company
A sampling of a few of No Moss Brands Clients

Marketing Services Clients

A sampling of a few of No Moss Brands Clients

Marketing Services

No Moss Brands‘ Karen Loomis has worked with a variety of businesses, big and small in both the consumer and business-to-business environments. With over 20 years in the industry, Karen has spent equally as much time in the highly-competitive world of independent automotive dealerships. Under her helm, DriveTime grew from a $500M to a $1.5 B company, and Drive Casa, a startup, went from $0 to $5M in barely two years. See below for short list of current and past clients.

Advertising Services

Karen Loomis’ talent for writing compelling ad headlines, copy and messages is often overlooked. Her graphic design skills, as well as website development are second to none. Currently, Karen not only develops the strategy, but executes as well (providing the one shortcut that greatly benefits your business). 

  • Video Ad Strategy, Storyboarding and Development
  • Website Design, Copywriting and Wordpress
  • Social Media Ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter)
  • Print Ads & Collateral
  • Google Ads & Adwords (SEO/SEM)
SaaS business analytics solution | B2B

igXite Brand & Website Development

SaaS business analytics solution | B2B
Karen Loomis, Oracle & Founder of No Moss Brands

Marketing for Social Change Consulting Services

Karen Loomis, Oracle & Founder of No Moss Brands

Consulting Services

No Moss Brands‘ Karen Loomis is shifting her clientele to include primarily pro-social change companies. Companies who know they have work to do, and are ready to get to work create a more inclusive and diverse brand with no excuses allowed. 
Currently, our active marketing services portfolio includes a few non-profit clients who are already leading the change by starting and encouraging the conversation, or downright supporting legal justice, such as The Barbara McDowell and Gerald S. Hartman Foundation.
Our goal is to guide for-profit companies, small businesses, and solopreneurs make the change towards a more racially equitable and anti-racist policies knocking down hiring, vendor selection and other practices that prevent African-Americans and other people of color from competition justly. 
If that’s your business, we’re looking for you, and offer consulting services to help you build a brand that not only appeals to people of color, but is built on doing MORE to create an equitable and diverse community.
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