What I am Thankful for Today! #thanksgiving


Photo of turkeyThis is so easy it shouldn't even be called blogging. It's kind of cheating. Jumping on the easy win…a holiday called Thanksgiving! Totally not my style, but here we go!

1. Let's get it over with…the lame obvious statement of MY HEALTH. But in my case, I started 2014 with a bout of pneumonia/bronchitis, whatever. Seriously, the 3-4 step trip to the refrigerator required me to rest against the counter until I could breath again. It took about 10 days of this to have a new appreciation for all those folks who suffer from some sort of chronic pulmonary disease. Luckily, I did bounce back quickly (month or so), but it's so easy to realize how much I take my health and fitness for granted.

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Ready or Not…Here I Come!


I heard myself say this a minute ago (in my head), "I'm not ready"! This was regarding eWomen radio, and whether I should apply to have my own show. It got me thinking…exactly why do I think I'm not ready. Here's the dialogue that followed.


That's a bunch of crap. I've been speaking before large conferences, small conferences, workshops, CEC classes, etc., since I was 29. (Some of you have heard me refer to that part of my professional life…I spent 18 years in the fitness industry.) 

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