Sports & Business: Know the Rules of the Game – Part 1


Karen Loomis Early Years Basketball PhotoI've played sports my entire life starting with recess on the playground to organized sports K-12 to intercollegiate volleyball. During my college years and thereafter, I had an 18 year career in the  fitness industry. Oh, and let's not forget the "way too old to still be playing leagues". Every game I've played, every practice I've endured (with all sorts of coaches), every teammate I've had, and every student I've inspired to practice a fit life has prepared me for the business world.

These sports and fitness governing truths I've learned have been applied to running my own business (on my 2nd business) to working for small and large corporate businesses. I'm going to share these truths with you in an ongoing series of blog posts, because there are so many truths and principles sports can teach or prepare you for the business world.

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Be a more effective business leader with storytelling!


Leaders Guide to Storytelling Book Cover

We remember our lives through stories!

Almost all of us have gown up with stories as part of our lives through books read to us, books we’ve read, academics, as well as movies, plays, entertainment and even religion. Stories give us the opportunity to learn, feel, empathize or live through the lives of others. Our own stories of our lives do the same thing.

We remember our lives through stories; first day of school, high school graduation, getting married or divorced, birth of your first child and on. Those stories are not just what we remember, but can include all five senses. Sometimes entering a building and an odor can take you all the way back to a time where you associate that smell. Your whole body feels it…some say, maybe it’s de ja vu, but it’s possible your brain is remembering a piece of your life story. The same can be said for what you feel, like the warm summer sun on your face with a slight breeze.

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