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Our Story!

Like most founder stories at this point in their career, there are many forks to the road of Karen Loomis forming No Moss Brands. Read below for the major forks in the life of this entrepreneur contributing a massive wealth of experiences and skills in the world of small business marketing, branding and advertising.

Instructor Training Programs was Karen Loomis' first business

Fitness Industry

Instructor Training Programs was Karen Loomis’ first business

Fitness Industry

Karen Loomis is a seasoned speaker and workshop presenter inspiring and educating fitness instructors, internationally. Karen built the largest group exercise for credit program at Eastern Washington University, the first of its kind back in the early 90s. During her twenty year career, Karen also presented at the IDEA World Conference, largest conference hosting thousands of instructors from 50+ countries. 
Known for her creativity, energy and enthusiasm, Karen brings that same innovative thinking to her small business clients.
With an extensive background in exercise science, Karen uses many of the same scientific philosophies in her marketing strategies developed for clients. After all, marketing IS both a science and art!

Reluctant Entrepreneur

As true during Karen’s fitness career, as is in her marketing career, when things don’t go as planned, you can always own your own business. Even without any role models in her immediate family, Karen somehow knew…being a small business owner was always an option. 
Instructor Training Programs was Karen’s first small business. It didn’t take long for Karen to realize that after several degrees including a Masters in Exercise Science she didn’t have the much needed marketing skills to function in a pre-digital era of direct mail, print brochures and cold calls.
With seven years of higher education in place, Karen went back to school for a Graphic Design degree at a two year community college. Interning and working for several Advertising Agencies in Spokane, Washington, before moving to Phoenix, Arizona to start her ten-year long corporate career as a Creative/Marketing Director at DriveTime, then named Ugly Duckling.
Karen Loomis created this infographic depicting the circuitous route entrepreneurs take.

2018 Career Path Infographic

Karen Loomis created this infographic depicting the circuitous route entrepreneurs take.
Karen Loomis' second foray as a small business owner.

No Moss Brands

Karen Loomis’ second foray as a small business owner.

Corporate Block

With a power-packed resume full of enviable big-business marketing, advertising and branding experiences, Karen hit a dead-end. Suddenly, the fifth largest city in the U.S. seemed to be void of job interviews, offers or opportunities for this seasoned marketing and creative professional. Opportunities and prospects offered by a city of this size is the reason Karen moved to Phoenix. Yet, the opportunities had dried up. Why, rhetorical!
No Moss Brands was formed after a year long search for the next corporate marketing position that never materialized.
Whether racism, as a result of the digital era and introduction of LinkedIn, or other, we’ll never know for certain, but Karen’s experiences are echoed by other people of color. And this is why, we are reluctant entrepreneurs. We do so out of necessity!

Racism Podcast

2020 wasn’t just eye opening for the white majority. It opened up the eyes of many people of color around the country including many black people. In response to watching the death of George Floyd, fellow entrepreneurs Karen Loomis, Camilla Ross and Karen Nowicki formed a new podcast focused specifically on the experiences of small business owners including the arts.

With seven episodes completed from season one, we are looking forward to making an impact on the business communities across the nation in 2021.

With over 340,000 listeners, the word gets out quickly!

We are looking for progressive companies who are looking for opportunities to support a social change initiative, such as a podcast. It’s time for change. Be part of that change.

Co-hosts Karen Nowicki, Camilla Ross & Karen Loomis

Racism in Small Business & Arts - The Podcast

Co-hosts Karen Nowicki, Camilla Ross & Karen Loomis
Looking forward to unity and peace.

2021 Peace

Looking forward to unity and peace.

2021 Shifts

It’s time for people of color to make the decisions regarding people of color. Advertising Agencies and Marketing Companies everywhere until your  teams are more diverse you will continue to create a culture of exclusion versus inclusion. It’s no longer acceptable for people of color to be an after-thought for your internal or external brand. 
The Universe declared war on humanity in 2020.
It’s up to “us” to create the change. No Moss Brands stands for ethical marketing practices and standards. Your brand should too!

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