The Pope’s Brand Quandary


Catholic Church Image

Today Pope Francis visited the United States starting off with a visit to the White House. Even if you do not follow a particular religion or are not Catholic, you must recognize this is a big event, as it’s been seven years since a Pope has come to our country.

This blog post is not a conversation about religion, and/or whether you should or should not practice a faith to be a good person. Instead this is a blog post about the brand of the Catholic church and the leader of the brand, Pope Francis…a brand quandary!


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Women Leading Men: A Man’s Perspective


John Boggs Photo

I am so honored to have my friend and mentor John Boggs as my first ever guest blogger. I met him at a networking event a year ago, and have been fortunate enough to get together with him on a couple more occasions since. I so respect not only his impressive background, but his unique perspective and way of looking at business leadership and strategy. 

John is a retired Marine Officer, former Vice President of a major Washington, D.C. non-profit, and partner in both a government contracting company, and an international business development company, Fortitude Consulting.  He has a distinguished record of providing executive level leadership and strategy for large, complex organizations and operations. And I know you'll enjoy reading about his experiences with women in leadership positions in corporate America, the military and life. 

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