When No Means Yes


Oh No GraphicThe toughest thing about being a creative is the high expectations. This includes the client expectations (even though they have no ideas or vision), as well as my own expectations on what is being created. In my world, concepting for branding, as well as the creation of the visuals to the copy writing, can evoke gigantic feelings of "lacking".  

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Friday the 13th Marketing Myths & Misconceptions


Friday 13th GraphicIn honor of Friday the 13th, here are the Top Thirteen Marketing Myths & Misconceptions

1. Great products or services sell themselves – Careful with this one. This is the type of thinking that results in small business failure. Without the correct marketing strategy and execution, your target will have no idea your product exists. Thus, no chance for them to purchase your product or service.

2. Everyone needs my product or service – Perhaps, but again, maybe not. Often small business owners or start-ups do not realize that "everyone" does not need or want your product or service, especially if the product is marketed and priced incorrectly. 

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