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Racism in Small Business & arts podcast

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CHANGE AGENT Purposeful Change

No Moss Brands is built on the foundation of CHANGE. Purposeful change. Not change for the sake of change. Oracle and Founder, Karen Loomis, expertly guides your small business from here to there…where ever “there” might be; navigating all sides of your business, as though a team member.
From marketing to branding to advertising whether for-profit or non-profit,  we are difference makers. 


While Karen has helped clients achieve high revenue goals in some of the most competitive markets and diverse communities across the nation, it’s time for a change.
The impact of 2020 has shifted No Moss Brands to seek clients who are looking to create social change in their own backyard to right racial injustices in the U.S. We look to partner with like-minded companies. 
We know the easiest way to create a ripple, and have an immediate impact, is through relationships and partnerships with minority-owned small businesses, like us. No Moss Brands is not only owned by an African-American woman, we are experts in multicultural, Hispanic markets.
Karen Loomis, No Moss Brands Founder, visionary looking off camera
Karen Loomis, Oracle & Co-Founder, in deep thought


Karen Loomis has a phenomenal knack for getting right to the heart of the matter in seconds. Truth-telling is part of her DNA which is one of the many reasons, Racism in Small Business and Arts, has reached over 350,000 listeners in seven episodes.
It is through these conversations that Karen realized the necessity for Solutions Partners. Business owners and others who would like to be part of the change are invited to apply to be featured here, and on the podcast website. 
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