Why Your Small Business NEEDS Branding!


NMB_why_branding_blog_360x381To me this seems like such a ridiculous question, but clearly I’m biased since I am a branding expert. While this seems like a no brainer to me, it’s not quite as cut and dry as I think. I hear from small business owners all the time that they can’t afford to hire a professional. In my opinion, small business owners need a strong brand in which to compete in the market place. 

I truly believe that regardless of your business size branding should be top on your list to spend money on. Why? Because most small businesses do not have large marketing budgets they can’t win the “frequency” war of advertising. As a matter of fact, most small business owners do not spend a dime on advertising, and just as many do not spend near as much as they should on their marketing. So, if you’re not spending any dollars attracting your customer, exactly how do you think your customers will find you?

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My Love Affair with Yellow Happy Face Balloons!


Yellow Happy Face Balloon PhotoHAPPINESS IS…

I got my first one about three years ago. My boyfriend brought a couple home from the drug store one day. Silly. Fun. Happy. Those same balloons slowly deflated like balloons do…getting lower and lower, and closer to the ground. In the middle of the night, we heard what sounded like a freight train. It took a little while to get oriented to where that sound was coming from only to realize it was coming down the hallway to the bedroom. My boyfriend and I didn't say one word to each other or move a muscle. And then it got so quiet. Not a sound. The quiet was so loud. Until…until we saw it. The big yellow happy face balloon slowly rising up from the base of the bed. We laughed hysterically and with relief. Yet, we instantly felt bad when we realized our big love of a black cat, Black Jack, had gotten the ribbons caught around him, and in a panic ran as fast as his legs could take him to humans (us). His heart was racing, and he was scared to death. We still talk about that story to this day, especially since it was shortly thereafter we lost Black Jack and his brother Gray Goose to neighborhood coyotes. It's one of our "happy" memories. RIP – Black Jack & Gray Goose.

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