The Year of the Elephant


Green Elephant GraphicCan we all agree the primary branding goal for any business is to achieve brand awareness, and be remembered until the time comes for your customer to buy? In order for that to happen, your brand must stand out in the mind of your customers. Catch their attention. Be memorable. Not forgettable. Not regrettable. 

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, your customers are pelted with anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000 messages every day, every hour and every minute. And that's just from advertisers. Add in news headlines, social media, etc. Let's not forget about all the daily communications we experience at work or home. Our brains get tired from being over stimulated, and in my opinion, lazy or bored. Things that once caught our attention are no longer novel or worth our attention. It's an uphill battle for brands to pull our attention away from the messages we choose to receive and process. 

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Why Your Small Business is Not About You


Donkey PhotosAs a branding and marketing expert I've had the opportunity to work with large corporations, small businesses, as well as start-ups, and there's one thing owners, C-suites and directors all have in common. They forget something very, very important to their success. They become a tad bit narcisstic. Or as some would say "start to believe their own press clippings"!


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