Angry Cat PhotoYep, every good blog always starts off with a solid rant, and I’m not about to walk away from this one. What you need to understand is this rant has been building, simmering and slowly working it’s way to the surface. And, it all began one ordinary day in my favorite place to be, my office, when I saw it on Facebook. I couldn’t believe this company was actually advertising this absolute atrocity! I could feel the shiver rolling up my back, cat-like, as I really wanted to (never mind).

What I can’t decide is whether I should let the proverbial cat-out-of-the-bag at this point, or wait, and throw it out like a classic punch line at the end???

Let’s start with this premise…the following items should all be no more than $5 and often are daily purchases. Can we all agree with this premise?

5 things that SHOULD cost $5

  1. Starbucks Coffee (I don’t drink coffee, but do love their Hot Chocolate)
  2. Subway Sandwich “$5 Footlong”…and now, I have their jingle stuck in my head. Great.
  3. Burger King Whopper “2 for $5 Mix & Match”
  4. Toll roads (the literal “highway robbery” started there)
  5. iTunes Songs or Apps

And, now, here’s my list of 5 things that should NEVER cost $5, and if it does, run. Run away very fast. Do you see my point yet?

5 things that should NEVER cost $5

  1. Your business’ logo.
  2. Seriously, your business’ logo
  3. Your business that is going to support your family’s current quality of life.
  4. Or, and back to the aforementioned “your business’ logo”
  5. Are you seeing a trend yet?

Seriously, I do NOT jest. Are you a serious business owner who is wondering why they consistently do not reach their business goals? Or are you a new business owner with a small budget, and think, why not?

What’s wrong with a $5 Logo?

  1. It’s your visual representation of not only your entire brand, but your entire business!
  2. If your business prospects are C-suite or Fortune 500 clients…they’ll smell “small-time” in “no-time” if you go cheap!
  3. If your business prospects are human beings that breath…they’ll smell “small-time” in “no-time” if you go cheap!
  4. You get what you pay for!
  5. It’s a logo, but it’s not about you or your business, but you have a logo, right?

I could go on and on about this, as often, I’m the one who has to clean up the mess created by low-quality logos. And I’m the lucky one who gets to help you rebrand your company five years down the road when you realize the logo doesn’t work at all for your vision. That’s if you’re lucky. Some individuals I’ve talked to have ended up not using the “cheap” logo at all.

And folks, this is why you don’t go cheap…they’ll smell it! So, if you, happen to see the repulsive advertisement for $5 logo’s…run. Run very fast and very far, and don’t stop until you get to No Moss Brands!

Retail Revolutions Logo & TaglineLogos, like the one on the left created by No Moss Brands, are meant to be “smart” creative problem solving for your unique position in the current and future market-places. Would you trust the kid at Subway to handle such an important part of your visual identity and company’s brand? Although at Starbucks, they are a smart and creative bunch, so maybe. NOT!

Quality logos make me smile! Let us help you create the perfect visual identifier for your brand! Let’s talk!

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