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We remember our lives through stories!

Almost all of us have gown up with stories as part of our lives through books read to us, books we’ve read, academics, as well as movies, plays, entertainment and even religion. Stories give us the opportunity to learn, feel, empathize or live through the lives of others. Our own stories of our lives do the same thing.

We remember our lives through stories; first day of school, high school graduation, getting married or divorced, birth of your first child and on. Those stories are not just what we remember, but can include all five senses. Sometimes entering a building and an odor can take you all the way back to a time where you associate that smell. Your whole body feels it…some say, maybe it’s de ja vu, but it’s possible your brain is remembering a piece of your life story. The same can be said for what you feel, like the warm summer sun on your face with a slight breeze.

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A Tribute to My Father on Father’s Day!


Dad Military PhotoEver since I was little I’ve always had this personal rule…

“Always Finish What You Started Before Starting Something New”.

I know exactly where this comes from, and I’m not sure whether to thank my Father on this Father’s Day or curse him for what at the time seemed like another pointless life lesson. It’s only today that I realize many of these life lessons had application in the business world.  Even today, almost 11 years after his passing I still abide by most of these life lessons or at least feel guilty if I willingly don’t.

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