This is, in part, a continuance from my previous post, The Top 5 Things That Make You Look Like An Amateur. I erred in my writings when I forgot to include this as the NUMBER ONE thing business owners do that make them look like an amateur. 


I've heard this a number of times throughout the last several years, and it makes me cringe as much as the others. 


Seriously folks, if you do NOT have a website for your business, you are showing the world you are NOT business savvy nor serious about your business. Facebook is NOT your asset. You don't own it. Thus, you do not control it. And, to maintain the integrity of what Facebook or any social media outlet, it needs to operate that way. Social media is meant to engage, and be a conduit to your owned asset…YOUR WEBSITE. 

Why would you put your business in the hands of corporate Facebook, their algorithms (hard predictive math) and the decisions they make relative to THEIR company goals and initiatives? Facebook’s goals are not your goals. Although, perhaps the goal to make a profit should be your goal too…a big profit. Therefore, to let them dictate how you run your business is not smart. What's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander. 

Yes, Facebook is a fabulous engagement tool. I'll admit it. Your website cannot compete with Facebook regarding this ONE thing, engagement. Yes, with Facebook you can monitor your customers, prospects and competition, anonymously, if you want. Or, if you're like a true 21st Century company you "openly" communicate and engage with those whom can provide valuable direction on future of your products, services, or dare I say it, issues you need to be aware of. And, yes, Facebook Analytics and Paid-Advertising targeting is economical and effective. Honestly, Facebook's analytics are second to maybe only Google Analytics.

The Asset You Own

Website ScreenshotBut, let's be clear, social media platforms, like Facebook, are not designed to function in the same capacity as your website. Your website should be a couple things…helpful, informative and generate business by converting high-quality leads from your earned or paid advertising. 

I am of the belief that you need to CONTROL as much of your marketing as possible. A website is an element of your marketing that is too important to leave in the hands of others. This is an asset you own! And, control. Your website is too powerful a marketing and sales tool to think you don't need one. 

Your website is where you sell your product or service and convert leads into customers. It's also a place where you provide help for prospects that eventually leads them to being a loyal customer. Offering information that is helpful to your future customers is how you "earn" loyalty even before they are ready to buy. Your website is the place where you build your database for future nurturing through email or other promotional campaigns. With email addresses you can now control the sales cycle in a much more strategic manner. You can be in the minds of your prospect, as much as is logical for your industry segment. 

While you can communicate with your customers on social media, it’s not the normal (right) place for most true business transactions that generate higher sales. That’s why we have websites, my friends. You might be saying to me right now, “yah, but”. There are no “yah, butts” in the business world. 

You don’t get a lot of opportunities to speak to your prospect, but when you do, make it worth their while. Be helpful, and be present. Whether on social media or on your website. Know what makes your customers tick. Know what makes them buy. If you don’t know what makes them tick or buy, you have no chance of converting your prospects into customers regardless of where you choose to do business. 

So, if you get only one thing out of this post…OWN YOUR ASSETS!

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