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I heard this again today, and it ruffled my feathers, like it has many times before. People say, "I have a website" that’s enough! A Website is NOT a Marketing Strategy!

Having a website really means nothing in today's world. YOU MUST HAVE A WEBSITE. It's non-negotiable. But, that's not a strategy. That's not a plan. That's not where you stop. Today, having a website is like a business card was in the 90''s. But, unlike business cards, a website meets and greets a higher volume of your prospects and has an opportunity to sell you like no other. 


Therefore, think of your website as your entry fee into the world of having a business. And you must have a goal (STRATEGY) for what your website is suppose to accomplish. In a nutshell, 21st Century websites must work hard for you and your business.

  • Your website must be more than a billboard (SHOUTING) what you do.
  • Your website must provide information on your services or products, as well as be helpful before your prospect is ready to buy.
  • Your website must not only engage and court your prospects, but be an efficient tool for those prospects who are ready to buy…when they are ready to buy!
  • And, maybe more important than the rest, you must have a way to capture all those visitors your website engages with daily.


A really big problem is how are your future clients going to find you or your website? Consider that there are now over 1 Billion websites. Sandra Yancey, founder of eWomen's network said "a website without (SEO, SEM, etc) is like trying to find a soda can in the ocean." Seriously, think about that for a moment. If your prospects can’t find your website out of the billions of websites out there, how can they possibly want to do business with your company. What’s your plan?

To overcome the challenge of one billion websites, you have to direct YOUR prospects to your website, and that's where a good marketing strategy begins. What’s your plan?

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You'll lose customers who do visit, if you don't have a way to capture those prospects. If they took the time to go to your website it shows they are interested. Why would you leave that on the table. That’d be like meeting a future customer at a networking event, but not get their business card and/or ask for a future meeting! And what are you doing to get them to come back to your website, over and over again? What’s your plan?


Unfortunately, you cannot rely only on organic results (or earned media) to grow your business, especially if you have aggressive business goals. Let’s be real, big goals require not only efficient marketing, but marketing that returns on your investment. What’s your plan?


If your website is your entire marketing strategy, you are going to have to be in a zillion places at once placing your business card, brochure or other marketing material in as many people's hands as possible to get significant results. That's not just an unrealistic growth and business strategy, but a strategy for failure! And not consistent with the 21st Century marketing universe. Your customers need to find you, but they can't do so without a plan to put your business name in front of them repeatedly over time.


Where does your website stand? Do you have a marketing strategy that includes all the distribution channels for your product or service? A website is a PART of your marketing strategy. A website is not your WHOLE marketing strategy.

Not sure, let's talk…We'll spend 30 mins on the phone on my dime discussing your website strategy which should be part of your marketing strategy! 

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